Packaging: An Essential Marketing Gimmick

September 2, 2020 | Packaging Design

Buyers are the very first deal-breakers of your brand. This allows a subconscious impression in the minds of the people. For which packaging is something that represents your brand to your buyers.Protecting the product is the primary objective,along with various other aims. It plays an important role to attract instant focus and generate conversions through sales. Use for promotions or build a recognition.Out of the bottom line packaging has always been creating a unique experience to ensure loyalty towards the brand.

“Packaging can be a theater when it starts telling story”

- Steve Jobs

    Here are the trending packaging styles that can be an inspiration for your branding:

  • Minimalism:

    Less is More!manifests the concept behind seamless and elegant look of minimalist packaging. A modest look depicted with simple design, minimum words and soothing colors thatoutshines the packaging instead of clusters like big texture and unnecessary labeling. These esthetic designs starkeye-catching look and differentiate the product from the alleged competitors on the shelves.Promotes building the emotion of trust into the customers mind.

  • Bold colors:

    The human mind easily captures the scheme of colors. They evoke emotions in a person’s mind and savvy marketers understand the role of colors in designing the packaging. While minimalism enjoys its own place in the market, some brands are playing with bold colors in their designs as an inspiring and innovative spark of look. You may think selecting right bold colors can be difficult,but even primary colors do the magic trick.

  • Sustainable packaging:

    Creative packaging designs are foremost but the fact that different type of packaging also affects the environment cannot be avoided. Sustainable packaging is completely biodegradable packaging and leave minimum footprints on the environment. As it is often made of recyclable raw material it is preferred by many companies to make eco-friendly packaging. With a global shift toward fighting climate change, brands use sustainable packaging to build a better relationship with eco-minded customers.

  • Reusable packaging:

    Packaging is a vital tool ofbranding that should not land in trash cans or recycling bins. Reusable packaging will help imprint the brand’s name to last longer in the buyers’ mind. Vital packaging tools such as glass bottles, jars, cardboard boxes have multiple usage even after consuming the products. It allows your customer to stay connected with your brand for an extended period of time, while being eco-friendly as well.

  • PIY (Package it yourself) – Homemade look-alike Packaging:

    ‘Packaging is an art & designers are the artists!’Attractive looks are the key to the trend of handmade look-alike packaging. It is anopen-door opportunity for designers to come up with wide and innovative arts under the sky. The cozy looks of the product, leaves an appealing impact and an emotional touchon theconsumer’s mind. Packaging helps the customers to connect with the product, and provides a homely feeling for your brand..

  • Detailed Vintage packaging:

    A retro calligraphic design that is in a detailed vintage packaging show yesteryear’s reminiscing designs that are always a soothing surprise. The retro yet bold graphics leave the impression of calming dependability and proven quality in itself. Richness and Luxury is sensed with precisely detailed graphics that are intensely detailed designs and become the attention grabbing, high-end experience!

  • Cutouts:

    Modern customers not only need attractive packaging but often want to view the product in a well-presented manner, especially when it comes to food! This has given inspiration to the idea of Cutouts, which is simply showing your product through packaging. Cutouts gives the freedom of creativity to the designer and allows the customers to interact with the product on a personalized level. It evokes a feeling of trust and freshness in the brand.

  • Designing your packaging the right way is a very crucial process and holds an immenserole in building of a brand. In a market, full of competition, your buyers recognize the brand and these packaging designs inspire your next creative step and makes sure you outstand them by staying a mile ahead.

    “If you think good designs are expensive you should look at the cost of a bad design.”

    – Ralf Speth