How to Design A Logo?

June 11, 2020 | Logo Design

A logo is a mark made up of text or images or both, that identifies a business. A good logo shows what a company does and what the brand values. Logo is a visual association to your brand.

  • Understand why you need a Logo?

    With more and more companies and products competing for market recognition online as well as offline, a well-designed logo is an advantage that catches the attention of consumers and depicts the core values of a brand at a glance. A logo is the company’s chief introduction to customers, as the saying goes “First Impression is the Last Impression”.

  • Define Brand Identity

    Successful branding is about narrating a story that will evoke customers’ emotions. Colours, fonts, and tones all set up for the stage of Logo, which will be later on placed on all the branding materials: Letterhead, Visiting Cards, Brochure, and many more which will help to create a strong brand identity.

  • Find Inspiration for your Brand

    The difficult part is finding an inspiration to design the logo. Start with brain storming, bring out every possible idea even the horrible ones. Secondly step into the shoes of your target audience, what words, colours would be perceivable for the brand. Lastly visualize your business to make an attractive logo.

  • Outpace the Competition

    Dare to be different’, let your Logo convey uniqueness about your brand. Be sure you set your logo apart from the competitor, just for example if they opt to go monochrome, design your logo with colours. A logo tells about your company’s background, mission, and much more. Stand out in the crowd and be timeless with effective logo.

  • Pick your Design Style

    After convincing yourself why you need a logo to finding an inspiration, now it’s time to convert it into designing your logo. There are various elements that comes into picture from shapes, colours, typography, and graphics. Design can be Classic, retro or vintage, modern or minimalist, Fun or Quirky, Handmade or Crafted. It’s not compulsory to pick one design you can mix match to make them suit your brand.

  • Find the Right Type of Logo

    There are seven major types of Logo you can choose from when you are creating your logo.

    1. If your brand name is hard to rember or is very long go for Letter-mark Logo, you can select initials of your brand name to put for a logo.

    2. Wordmark Logo signifies your Brand Name it’s a very straight forward way to create an identity of your company.

    3. Pictorial Marks are the first impression on our mind we hear word logo, they are symbolic presentation of an organisation. They can be simple to complex.

    4. Abstract Logo are nothing but Logos based on Geometric Shapes. They will portray the brand uniquely with an everlasting impression on the audience.

    5. Mascots are the Cheerful and friendly Logo mark. Designed in cartoonish way to give a touch of familiarity and innovation.

    6. Combination Mark is what it says, fusion of symbol and word mark.

    7. Emblem Mark are mixture of pictorial and word mark.

  • Pay Attention to Colours

    Colours have meaning attached to them. Colours convey set of emotions and have ideas connected to them. Different set of Colours can be used but before that you should know what each colour put up an impression to your niche.

    • Yellow: playful, Youthful
    • Blue: Authoritative, Dependable
    • Navy: Soothing, Entertaining
    • Orange: Powerful, Credible
    • Teal: Striking
    • Black: Lively
    • Peach: tranquil
    • Maroon: Elegant
    • Deep Purple: Serene
    • Pink: friendly, Innocent.
  • Pick the Right Typography

    There are four basic types of fonts to give your logo a unique look. Serif fonts make for classic and high-end logos. Sans-serif fonts give a clean look to the logo and are perfect for modern brands. Script fonts depicts elegant calligraphic fonts to relaxed scripts, they have a huge variety to serve. Display fonts are stylish and very catchy. Combine different types of fonts to make an attractive Logo.

  • Integrate Your Logo with Your Brand

    Consistency is the key to more consumers. Trust is built on a good design logo, and brand loyalty is easy to follow. As your brand expands, the logo is going to be more familiar to a wide range of audiences and familiarity leaves the perception that you are trustworthy.